My Subconscious

My subconscious is guided by my self image, which is strongly affected by my self talk and imagination.  If I imagine my physical and actual learning capacity, potential and limits as a large circle, there is a much smaller circle of my previously conceived self limitations within it.  In between these is an area of untapped potential and genius.  Do I want to be excited or afraid of failure or success? Being more confident and capable make growing experiences out of failures.  I don't learn to not try.  I learn how to improve.

My subconscious is primal and primitive. It's like a caveman that needs to be addressed simply, in the affirmative present tense. Repetition and persistance is key.  If I repeat "I'm not a bad learner", it hears "I bad learner".  To avoid confusion, "I'm a great learner" works better.  Consciously chosen affirmations and visualizations are new habits, like exercise.  Don't over do it, but do a little every day.  Looking back at all the self-destructive self-talk I've used in the past, I'm excited to see how I can now use that same power more to my benefit  I no longer have to waste precious willpower in a tiring tug-of-war with my self image. We can pull in the same direction. To meet myself half way, I'm going to try to align my conscious actions with my goals and dreams, right now.