Today, let's just pay attention to the people and situations that seem to trigger energy drain, stress and high cortisol levels.  Instead of getting sucked up in it, pause and take a deep breath.  Don't let these situations or people stress us.  Let's take control of our energy and attention.

What are three measurable things I want to accomplish today, and who are three people I want or need to interact with to move forward?  What's the best way to contact them, an email, Facebook message, a phone call or visit?

Below are mine, although I cheated.  Some of these came up during the day, rather than being morning goals.  What can I accomplish today to move significantly forward, towards my goals, and the person I want to be?


  1. First order of business. Figure out why titles and article links are not working. Get fixed this evening. Contact theme developer only after spending at least an hour learning and trying.
    1. And... Figured it out.   A CSS rule to hide duplicate titles accidentally hid titles altogether. No need to bother the theme developer.
  2. Comment avatars are too big.  This needs fixing today.  Work on it as long as I can afford to, then contact development/support at WPMU Dev if I really can't figure it out.
    1. Fixed with this code:
      .avatar, .comment_avatar
      max-height: 85px;
  3. Review options to fix register/login/logout behavior, which is currently not very elegant.  In the spirit of being reasonable, just review the process and script behavior and code.  Although the plugin initially suggested by WPMU Dev support to try did not fix the problem, it fixed some of it. Step back and see where we're at.  Consider writing the first public plugin.  Don't commit to fixing this tonight.